Bulletin for Sunday, April 1, 2012: Palm Sunday


Have you seen the night sky these past couple of weeks? There are two very bright stars, one directly above the other, and this week they’ve been hanging out with the crescent moon. Actually, they’re not stars… I went on line and googled “sky tonight” and learned that the big one is Venus, and the smaller one (because it’s so much farther away) is Jupiter. It’s been breathtaking, watching them all week. Isn’t it amazing that something as familiar as the night sky can change so dramatically? It gives me hope, looking at the sky like that. The universe is so vast. I love to look at those stars and just feel the awe and wonder.

Another thing that gave me hope this week was seeing the number of people who marched to protest the killing of Trayvon Martin. As I was finishing up at work on Sunday, I checked the internet and people were posting photos of all the people downtown wearing hoodies. It made me think of Mister Rogers, who used to say that when he was a boy and there was a fire or other disaster, his mother would say, “Look for the people who are helping.” So look for the people who are standing up to protest injustice.

It’s easy to get to despairing at the ugliness and injustice in the world. As we head into Holy Week, we remember that our God walked with us and took on that ugliness and injustice, suffering and dying from it. But never forget that we are an Easter people! We believe that love is stronger than death. We believe that as bad as it gets, life wins in the end. Love wins. So don’t despair. Look at the hope in the stars, in people walking for justice, in the internet connections that help us to know what’s going on in the world so quickly.

We commemorated another cause for hope this past Sunday at St Romero’s, with our Mass and potluck in observance of the 32nd anniversary of the assassination of Oscar Romero in San Salvador, El Salvador in 1980. Before he died, Monsenor Romero said, “If they kill me, I will rise again in the Salvadoran people,” and it was true. Everywhere you go in El Salvador, there are murals of him on the walls, statues in the parks. His name is synonymous with “we care about the poor.” I find hope in his willingness to speak the truth about what was happening in his country, and to stand with the suffering people, even though he knew he would die for it. May his memory continue to inspire us to work for justice for the forgotten people.

We do not yet have firm plans for Holy Week, other than 11 am Masses on Palm Sunday and Easter. Last year we met on Holy Thursday in the upper room over at the bakery for Mass and foot washing. If you are interested in doing that this year, please send me a note. If two or more want to be there, we’ll make it happen.

Have a blessed Holy Week. May you go deeper with God, and be more deeply your own, true self.

Love and light to all

There will be a pancake breakfast to raise money for Sarah and Kevin’s Catholic Worker meal program in Borgne, Haiti, on Sunday, April 15 from 9-1 at St Joe’s. All you can eat, $5. Come and have a wonderful time and support this lovely ministry. We will worship upstairs that day, so come on to Mass and then to the pancake breakfast!

The documentary “After I Pick the Fruit” will be shown at the Sisters of St Joseph Motherhouse on Wednesday, April 11 at 7 pm. Nancy Ghertner of Sodus filmed a number of women farmworkers over ten years. Come see this powerful documentary.

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