Bulletin for Sunday, April 15, 2012: 2nd Sunday of Easter


Good News! Our friends arrived safely from Florida on Easter Sunday afternoon. On Good Friday evening, those of us who were here for the winter shared a fish supper and prayed for their safe passage. It’s lovely to see them again, and to say, “We were praying for you!”

Now we are adjusting to having the community spread over two locations, as most people are back in the house where they were last summer. As people change residences, once again we are cleaning and painting. Last night I went in and painted before folks got home from work, and tomorrow morning I am hoping to finally achieve the dream of painting the bathroom floor.

It is so easy to focus on what is lacking (and later in this bulletin I will give you a list!) but here is a story that points out what they have. One of the guys arrived from Florida without a blanket, so Capo gave him one of his. But he didn’t just give him “one of” his blankets. He gave the best one. The great big thick soft white one that can be folded over to make two blankets. Now he’s making do with a couple of throws and an old army blanket I had in my trunk. Do you have the ability to give away the best thing you own? I don’t.

Seems to me that a measure of wealth – inner wealth – is what you can give away.

As furniture and things are being spread over two houses, some needs are opening up. The guys found some kitchen chairs and a shelf unit by the side of the road and took them home… but when they got the stuff in the house and examined it, there were signs of bedbugs, so out it all went, again. If you have any old furniture you’re looking to share, here are some things they can use: two kitchen chairs, a night stand, a shelf unit. A crock pot would make their lives easier because they could come home at 8 pm to dinner being ready. And last night I forgot and drank the water from the tap. Faugh! It was the worst tasting water I ever drank. One of those water purifiers that fits over the tap would save them having to carry in water from an outside source – they fill this great big container and two of the guys carry it in.

It will be a while before we figure out a new Mass schedule for the migrant church. Right now everyone is getting home close to 8 and still need to cook, eat and shower, six days a week, so we may need to wait until the schedule eases up to have an evening Mass. Right now it’s just lovely to all be together again. Several of us ate dinner together, last night: “The family, together,” Capo said. And my Spanish has improved to where I even understood parts of the conversation. Woo hoo!

SO MUCH to be grateful for. Come join us for Mass at St Romero’s this Sunday... we’ll be upstairs at 11, because Sarah and Kevin will be having their pancake breakfast for Haiti on the first floor... $5, all you can eat. After Mass we’ll all go down and eat together... come join us!

Rachael Morlock, who has been my right hand for the past year since Eli left (and who sends this bulletin each week, saving me at least an hour at the computer) is leaving St Joe’s. We are ever so sorry to see her go, but so grateful to have had her with us, gracing us with her gentle presence this past year and more. She will be moving on to work at the new café at the Spiritus Christi housing project on West Main Street. God bless you, Rachael. You will be a light, wherever you go.

Love and light to all

"The immigrant who resides with you shall be to you as the citizen among you; you shall love the immigrant as yourself, for you were immigrants in the land of Egypt."

Leviticus 19:34

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