Bulletin for Sunday, August 5, 2012: 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time


We had such a lovely moment of church, last night!

It was a beautiful evening, and we were outside, with birds singing and insects buzzing in the trees. I talked about Ada Maria Isasi-Diaz, the mujerista theologian whose memorial service I attended last Saturday. She used to say, “La vida es la lucha… la lucha es la vida.” Life is struggle… struggle is life. We talked about how butterflies must struggle to break out of their cocoons, and finding God in the struggles of our own lives. One man spoke of his conviction that God is everywhere, and others joined in. We prayed in gratitude for the well-being of our friend Michael, who was back with us after a house fire in which he lost everything but his life (and no one else was hurt, either, thank God). Someone reminded us of the story of the mapache, the raccoon who stole the cookies last year. We told it again for the new folks, and laughed all over again. We shared communion, and sang, and ate peanut butter cookies, and wished each other peace.

After Mass, Michael and I drove over to see the others, who work too late to come to Mass. (This past Saturday, they got home from planting cabbage at a quarter to ten at night, and had to be back at work at 6:30 Sunday morning. Even they think they’re working too much these days). At the house we shared cherry tomatoes I brought from the garden, and the leftover cookies from Mass. We told again the story of the fire at Michael’s house. I was telling it in Spanish so Michael didn’t know what I was saying, and would chime in with different parts of the story in random places. But he got to hear that people had been worried about him, and how glad they were that he wasn’t hurt, and how sorry that his house burned down. Off in a corner, a young couple shared their glad news about a baby to be born in the Spring (and I silently rejoiced that my Spanish has improved enough to understand this wonderful news).  Someone filled bags with potatoes and onions for Michael and me, and he and I drove back to the city, looking at that beautiful full moon, and stopping to buy a Coke to help me stay alert on the drive home. At eleven I called Capo to let him know I was home.

This is community! We share our faith, our food, our joys and pains. We remember our stories. We thank God for the goodness and ask God’s help for the struggles. Life is struggle… and in the struggle, is LIFE. Gracias Dios por este comunidad preciosa! Thank you, God of life, for this beautiful community.

Love and light to all

Save the date! The Rural and Migrant Ministries Harvesting Justice dinner will be on Tuesday, December 4 at Temple B’rith Kodesh. Are you interested in helping? We are looking for folks to set up, serve and clean up. A lovely way to connect with people who are working for justice for farm workers.

At long last I am doing the work of getting the church legal… folks told me to file a DBA with the county (“Doing Business As”) but it was rejected because a church needs a bit more than that, they said at the county clerk’s office. I’m in over my head with the legal-ese… if you have experience with this sort of thing and  would like to help, please let me know.

And finally, as you read above, our friend Michael and his housemates suffered a fire that was started accidentally by a child, and lost everything they owned (what was not burned has been stolen since, Michael said, as the house has been boarded up and broken into). If you have anything that might help them out, please let me know and we’ll figure out a way to get it to them. His housemates include several women and two children. No one was hurt in the fire, and for that we are most grateful.

We continue to worship Sunday mornings at St Joe’s at 11. We never know who will be there…. maybe you, one of these weeks! Join us any Sunday, or meet at St Joe’s on Thursday for the migrant Mass, leaving about 6:45, home at 10:30 or later.

I went out to look at the garden this morning and found that the morning glories have started to bloom… enjoy the summer! Feel the breezes, hear the crickets, eat lots of ice cream!

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