Bulletin for Sunday, June 3, 2012: Feast of the Holy Trinity


Pentecost at St Romero’s, 2012:

Before heading out to church on Sunday morning I had a feeling I should check my email. There was a note from Don Monefeldt, asking about the future of St Romero’s. Will we become solely a migrant church, leaving the church in the city behind? That question has been at the back of my mind, too, so I talked to God about it, as I often do. “If it’s just Michael and me at church again today, Lord, I’m going to take that as a sign that it’s time to move out to the country.” Even Capo hasn’t been coming to church lately, as he’s so tired from planting cabbage 72 or more hours a week.

So, off I went to St Joe’s. I tried to get in the back door and my key didn’t work, so I went around front. Still no luck. Ah. The locks have been changed. And no sign of Michael. Is this my sign? Along comes Fernando, though, wanting church. I see that the upstairs windows are open, so I holler up: “Marc? Jen? Bobby? José? Tom? Can anyone come down and open the door?” I’m thinking that I’ll just share a prayer with Fernando and call it a morning, but along comes José, who lets us in and joins us for Mass. Another man comes in at the end. As usual, it’s a lovely little Mass. I really love being pastor of a small church where it’s possible to know everyone.

After Mass I tell José about the email and the question in my mind, and telling God that if it’s just Michael and me I’ll take it as a sign. José laughs and apologizes for being part of my mixed message from God!

What I feel in my spirit is simply to pray with open hands, asking God for direction, and to keep on going, one day at a time. Meanwhile, back at the rancho, we haven’t started Mass yet. We went to Buffalo on Tuesday. There is pressure for the guys to get Mexican passports. We’re waiting for a document to arrive from Mexico, and then we will take a trip to NYC to visit the Mexican consulate. We will need a place to stay in New York, so if you know anyone who might be willing to put up two very nice men and a priest for a night, we’d appreciate hearing about it.

This Saturday, Fr Enrique Cadena will be in town celebrating both his 30th anniversary of priesthood, and his 60thbirthday with a Massat Perinton Park in Fairport at 5. Enrique was a very important part of the events at Corpus Christi in 1998. His creativity changed our habits of worship: it was he who first invited the congregation to say the words of consecration. May his vision of equality be the reality of the church!

Love and light to all


“One can make an offering of the self to God. This is far different from offering one's special talents, as important as that may be. It is more than the offering of resources, however great or limited they may be. It is to offer one's self: to put at the disposal of Life one's life, not merely one's needs, one's demands, one's frustrations, one's unresolved problems. This is to say to Life, ‘Here I am, I put myself at your disposal to be where I am--all of me. To do, where I am, with all of me. To respond to life where I am without bargaining or bartering.’”              
Howard Thurman, “The Inward Journey”


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