Bulletin for Sunday, July 17, 2011: 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time


One of the best parts of our time together on Sunday mornings is the coffee hour. Sometimes it's fancier than others, depending on what's around and what people brought. It's not the food that's the highlight, though; it's the conversation. This week, just as we were sitting down, Javier asked, "so why do you have communion every week? What's that all about?"

That turned out to be a good opportunity for people to share what communion means to them. No one seemed to feel that receiving communion was something they had to do; rather, they talked about things like respect, and connection. I enjoyed hearing the different points of view.

I think conversations like that happen best when we're relaxing together over food. It's a great opportunity to build community. That's why I'd like to bring a "coffee hour" aspect to our Migrant Masses on Thursdays. I'm hoping we can relax and maybe bridge that language barrier a bit.

So, last Thursday afternoon I went to the store and bought flour and chocolate chips, and came home and made a batch of cookies. Three dozen cookies fit into one of those plastic containers with the blue lids. We brought them along to share after Mass that night.

As usual, we were standing in a sort of semi-circle, celebrating the Mass. I was just about to start giving the homily when people started shouting and pointing behind me. There was a raccoon, running off with the entire bin of cookies in its mouth!

So, no cookies, but a really good laugh. (...and a party for the animals!) And then I spilled grape juice down the front of my alb... The hilarity just never stops.

It was so good to laugh together. Laughter doesn't happen in English or Spanish! Javier was with us that night, and he understands Spanish. Driving home in the car he told me that he heard one of the men say, "Not bad, for a Caucasian woman!"

I love being a priest... Stolen cookies, spilled grape juice, and all!

Blessings and love to all,

All summer long, there is a car wash in the St Joe's parking lot on Saturdays and Sundays from 9-5 as part of the St Joe's Employment Training Program. Come get your car washed! Recommended donations are $5-10 for outside cleanings, $20 for inside and out. Give your car some TLC, and help our guys earn some cash and learn some job skills!

Jeff Wilson is giving a concert at Mary Magdalene Church in East Rochester, this Sunday, July 17 at 2 pm. $10 and sure to be a wonderful time!

Friday, July 22 at 7pm, the Center for Sustainable Living will present a dvd on Thomas Berry at St Joe¹s, followed by a talk and discussion led by Tim McGowan.

You are welcome to join us for Mass, any Sunday. We would love to see you!

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