Bulletin for Sunday, January 1, 2012

Oscar Romero Inclusive Catholic Church
Bulletin for Sunday, January 1, 2012


Things I learned in 2011:

It’s time to stop thinking of myself as “relatively poor” or even “living simply” just because I don’t have things other people have. It turns out I’m filthy stinking rich. I’ve known for a long time that I’m rich in friends and community, but this year I learned that I’m also rich in education and experience. I’m rich because I know the difference between Japan and China. I’m rich because I know who Martin Luther King was. I’m rich because I can read anything I want and write anything I want. I’m rich because I know how to use a GPS. I’m rich because I’ve got photos of my children as babies, and of my parents and grandparents. I’m rich living in this great big house all alone. (I didn’t know it was a great big house, either. Favorite quote from Christmas time: “That’s all right, I’ll find the bathroom in a week or so!”) And I’m rich in cultural knowledgeand power, the power to get things done, to communicate easily, to get respected just because of my white face and educated voice. I have an “in” in society that I can’t even see until I contrast it with the experience of someone on the outside.

I’ve also learned that even without all those things, a person might be rich. A person might be rich in love and family, even if they are sharing a three room shack with four other people. A person might be rich in common sense and wisdom about people. A person might be rich in the respect of people who know them well. A person might be rich in their own personal qualities, like integrity and courage and dependability and intelligence and character. A person might be rich in the values they grew up with.

And I’ve learned that my own cultural riches don’t trump someone else’s inner wealth, and that I don’t get to let my own voice be louder just because I know more about how things get done. I’ve learned to be in awe, and to use all those riches I’ve got for the benefit of someone else, asking always what’s needed and wanted. Truthfully, I don’t yet do that as well as I’d like, but I’m learning.

Here’s something else I’ve learned: God is so astonishingly in charge that there is no need ever, ever, ever to fear. Just listen and say yes and step out in joy.

Well, what we’re stepping out in joy to at St Romero’s, now that the holidays are past, is Sunday afternoon English classes. There is, however, a hitch: more people want to come than can fit in my car. If you might be interested in helping with transportation on Sundays, please let me know. What’s involved is an hour trip each way, Sunday morning and evening. No reason why the same people need to drive both times. If there is someone who might be willing to take on the scheduling of drivers, that would be wonderful.

Our intended Sunday schedule is, Mass at 11 followed by brunch at St Joe’s, then English classes until about 3:30. As much as possible it would be lovely for folks to come back to my house (or yours!) for supper before returning home. That’s what we did December 11, to great success. And now we have the books people gave us for Christmas to help with ESL classes. Thanks so much!

May 2012 astonish you with joy and growth and wonder and life.

Blessings and love to all,

Long term needs:
A house in the Batavia/Brockport/Leroy/Elba/Stafford/Bergen/Byron/Clarendon area
A van

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